Easter Bank Holiday

I’ve neglected the blog of late and have failed to write a post since April 3rd, sorry about that.  I promise to try harder.  I have recently come back from an amazing trip to Scotland.  As a family we go every year to visit my great aunt and she lives in a small village near Loch Craignish, one of Scotlands most beautiful and sheltered sea lochs.  This trip in particular boasted the most amazing views as the weather was so incredible!  Who would of though we’d be walking in the scottish highlands in our t shirts in April?! Here’s a view to whet your appetite:

View over Loch Craignish

View over Loch Craignish, can you see a cloud? no, neither can I.

As the weather was so amazing we spent the four days walking up and down hills and sailing on the loch, we were perhaps a little too adventurous on the second day and ended up doing a 20 mile walk, there was complains on groin strains, achy hips, sore knees, sore feet and crushed toenails by the end and the eldest in our group was only 31!  I’m definitely starting to feel older, although I still love the thrill of possibly being ID’d when buying alcohol! (It happens much less these days)  I should also mention that the start of this walk didn’t go quite to plan and ended up with us scrambling up a wet, very, very steep cliff edge covered in trees with dead branches and every time you went to pull yourself up on one they would break! My husband also managed to cause a mini avalanche of three boulders which rolled down the hill at a rapid rate and nearly took out my sister!  We got through it however and made it to the top and celebrated with a rocky bar and some water. Rock and roll.

We just managed to make it to the only pub within a 2 hour radius for lunch, they stopped serving lunch at 2pm and we got there at 1.55pm, phew.  It could of been a pretty awful walk back if we hadn’t managed to increase our blood sugar levels!  This is the view from the bridge we walked over just before lunch.



The next day we opted for a sailing day which was much more relaxing on the legs, hips, knees etc.


We had an amazing time and look forward to returning for next years trip!

one last pic:



So If you’ve ever wondered if Scotland is worth a visit I can tell you that YES, it absolutely is, but you might not be so lucky with the weather!


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  • April 29, 2014 at 5:13 pm

    Hope we are as lucky with the weather as you wereX


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