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With only a few days left until I make it big (ahem…I mean have a small market stall in Portobello) I decided it was business time.  No, not that sort of business time… card time!  I had decided I wanted to hand print business cards as to keep with the look and feel of my business and I wanted to use a similar card to the card I use for my cards. (How many times can I say the word card in a paragraph? Ok, I’ll say it once more….card.)

So I ordered A4 sheets of the same paper stock that I currently use and was expecting to digitally print my information on one side, and hand print my logo on the other.  My printer however had other plans.  It didn’t like my heavyweight paper and even when I gave it a little push it just said “uh no, not today.”  I tried a few times, my husband tried and even my housemate tried, all secretly thinking we would be able to trick the printer but sadly this one was too clever and no amount of teasing and pushing was going to work…. I was going to have to resort to using…..deep breath… another printer.  So I called a local print shop and spoke to a nice man who said they could print it for 20p a sheet, a little steep I thought considering I would be bringing the paper but desperate times call for desperate measures and all that, so I got on my bike and cycled over only to be greeted by a not so friendly lady.  Firstly, she was cross that I’d turned up at 6.30pm when they were closing at 7pm (not sure why that made her cross)  then she told me it was going to be 50p per sheet, 50p? for black and white printing??  I explained to her that the nice man on the phone had told me it would be 20p a sheet but she wasn’t having any of it, she was doing that passive aggressive thing where she was really rude to me but followed everything with the word ‘darling’ so I couldn’t work out her tone at all.  Anyway, after a long discussion where my point was going nowhere I decided to take my business elsewhere.  So I cycled  two minutes around the corner to a copy shop where two lovely men worked and got my card printed for 8p a sheet.  Much better.

The cards laid out in all their glory

The cards laid out in all their glory

I then had to cut out all 130 of my business cards (thank goodness for my guillotine).  I managed to combine the cutting with an episode of Made in Chelsea I’d missed (don’t judge) so it wasn’t that bad.  The next step was to print my logo on the front of the business card, simple right? wrong.  My stamp I had made for my logo also has other wording on that I didn’t want and so I had to cover that over with some paper and not ink it up.  As you can imagine this was very difficult and very frustrating as every 5th time or so, I’d end up getting ink on the paper that was covering the stamp and so I had to change it for some fresh paper or I’d get black marks on my cards.  Somehow, I managed to get 100 good ones printed, which I think should be enough.

business cards 3

The cards with said stamp, see the wording below Lizzie Chancellor? well thats what I had to avoid being stamped. tricky.


business cards1

Another shot of the cards stack up as it looks good.


So I can tick business cards off my list, now for some signage……..

If you’d like to come and see the business cards in the flesh then I’m going to be at Golborne Road market on Friday 23rd, Portobello Arts and Crafts market on Saturday the 24th and Portobello Green Market on Sunday 25th May.  Please come and say hello.

Thanks for stopping by.


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