Proper Product Photography

I had my cards professionally photographed recently and I’m so pleased I did, what a difference!  I actually thought my photos were quite good until I compared them with these beauties from Holly Booth Photography.

Clean Lines Group shot-LizzieChancellor-HB-112

A nice group shot of a selection of my Clean Lines range


One of the Happy Birthday designs from the ‘Stargaze’ range


A peacock feather design from the ‘Wild Thing’ range


Did someone say tea? yes please.

I’ve just gone through the painful process of uploading all the new images to my website and to my shop on The Lost Lanes, thank god I had Adele to get me through it.  Although her words are now distracting me whilst trying to write this so I’m going to have to turn her off.  These photographs have freshened up my website and given me a new lease of life for designing again, back to the drawing board I go……

Photography Credit: Holly Booth Photography

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